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CrossFit Gym near me in Orlando by Disney

I just moved. I’m not sure how many times I’ve said that to myself in my life. I was an Army Brat as a kid, who ended up joining the Army as an adult. After the Army, I moved up the corporate ladder by changing jobs every 2 years, looking for the next advancement opportunity. That advancement opportunity was normally at a different company. Suffice it to say, I have moved a lot in my life. There is a long list of things to do when you move. After the mailing address has been changed, utilities are set up, and all the other things you have to do to ‘just live’, I always found comfort in establishing a new routine when I found myself in a new town.   That always meant, I had to find a new gym!

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”- Paulo Coehlo

My wife and I just recently moved from Winter Garden, Florida to an apartment near Disney. We canceled our membership at a gym near our house and at some point in the moving process, we googled CrossFit Gym near me by Disney. That’s when we found MouseTrap Fitness and the CrossFit MouseTrap community. Here are three reasons why finding the MouseTrap Fitness community helped us with the moving process.

We got some fitness in

I know it sounds strange, but I always thought moving was a great opportunity to reset and begin again. Moving into a new place always felt a little like New Year’s in the sense that I felt like it was a fresh start. Whether I was moving for a new job or the end of a relationship, moving felt like a new beginning for me. Fitness, exercise, and eating healthy have always made me feel better. Moving can be stressful. And there is no better way to reduce stress than to exercise and get my exercise in.

When I googled CrossFit gyms near me in Orlando, MouseTrap Fitness with CrossFit MouseTrap came up first in my search. I’m a normal person who isn’t training to go to the CrossFit Games. I’m busy with work and settling in after the move, so I didn’t have a lot of time to lose. A CrossFit class that took an hour, but gave me a good workout was the perfect solution. I had done CrossFit before, so it was a great opportunity to get back into a box. After breakfast one Sunday morning, my wife went over to a Sunday Class and signed up for two unlimited memberships. That next Monday morning we started working out again. It felt great to exercise together and sweat a little bit after the stress of moving.

We met our neighbors

One of the great things about CrossFit MouseTrap and most CrossFit Gyms that I have been a member of is the community that works out together. It is such a mix of recent college graduates, established professionals, and retirees. I always like to visit the Instagram page of a CrossFit box that I am joining to get a better sense of the community. I find it gives me insight into the community to make sure I’m not the only ‘old guy’ in the gym. CrossFit MouseTrap has a great mix of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. My wife and I have had the opportunity to drop into several classes and we were blown away by how welcoming the community was.

It turns out that our neighbors work out there too. The members of MouseTrap Fitness live near Disney just like us. And a few members live in our apartment complex which was even nicer to meet actual neighbors. The gym is made up of normal people who all have different goals. My wife and I are in the gym to meet new people, lose weight, and have fun. Some of the members are there to gain muscle. Some members just want to feel better and sleep better. CrossFit MouseTrap does that for them.  

One cool surprise about MouseTrap Fitness is the number of drop ins that we have. Because it’s a CrossFit gym near Disney, CrossFit MouseTrap is a great drop in destination for people visiting the parks or who are in town for business. CrossFit MouseTrap is also really close to the Orange County Convention Center. It’s always fun to meet new people from places around the world. It’s kind of cool to have people dropping in from all over and visiting our little world of fitness. Drop ins remind me every day that the world is moving and life is returning to normal after the shutdowns. Drop ins remind me that we should keep moving, too. We should not take a weekend at Disney, or going to the Convention Center, for granted because a random Tuesday for me, is a big day for someone else. There isn’t a better way to kick off or end the day than with a quick fitness session surrounded by like-minded people.   

We got a feel for the Social Scene

With all the locals in the gym, it was easy to learn about the new area my wife and I now lived in. It was fun to learn about the dos and don’ts of traffic patterns. We learned about great restaurants in the area around Disney and the Convention Center. Drop ins also get a chance to tap into the knowledge of the community. All they have to do is ask. Several of the community members work in hospitality or work for Disney so there is a wealth of knowledge in the CrossFit MouseTrap community that can be helpful to drop ins and people who are new to the area. CrossFiters are notorious for eating and drinking after their workouts. CrossFit MouseTrap is within walking distance of several hotels and is surrounded by restaurants. You don’t have to go far to get access to the things you need.  

Bottom Line

My wife and I were able to make a ton of connections with the community and loved the interactions with the members. The CrossFit MouseTrap community made us feel welcome and at home. Joining the MouseTrap Fitness family was one of the best decisions we made after moving. So if you’re moving near Disney for whatever reason, take advantage of a new beginning and come check out CrossFit MouseTrap. And if you’re just dropping in for a trip to Disney or visiting the Convention Center, drop into CrossFit MouseTrap, say hi, and get in a great workout to round out your day.

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