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A letter of gratitude to the CrossFit community following the recent Quarterfinals events.

A Letter of Gratitude for the CrossFit Community

Dear CrossFit Community,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the remarkable experience that was the 2024 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals, and for the incredible journey that CrossFit has taken me on. As the dust settles on an exhilarating weekend of competition, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the role that CrossFit has played in shaping not only my life but the lives of countless individuals within our community. Goals achieved for the Quarterfinals, the fittest names are at the top of the leaderboard again, and our members had lots of fun doing these Quarterfinals workouts.

Firstly, I want to celebrate our CrossFit MouseTrap Quarterfinalists that competed over the last several days: Nathan Cortazzo, Gretchen Schmitt, Stacy Maguire, and Jeff Hopkins. Your unwavering dedication to the sport and to each other embodies the very essence of our community. Your commitment to excellence and constant pursuit of improvement serve as a continual source of inspiration for us all.

I also want to express the MouseTrap community’s heartfelt appreciation to the drop-ins who joined us from near and far, contributing to the excitement and inclusivity of the Quarterfinals. From the United Kingdom to neighboring states, your presence enriched our community and exemplified the spirit of CrossFit. Special recognition goes to individuals like Ann Smith, a high school teacher who was traveling with students throughout the competition and couldn’t join us at our box, so we took the equipment to her, showcasing the extraordinary lengths we go to support one another. Ann’s determination and dedication were on full display as she completed her events outside the front entrance of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, supported by her students and colleagues. Ann’s commitment to excellence is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the CrossFit community. 

Despite questions that may have arisen about the purpose of participating in the Quarterfinals and widened field to invite the top 25%, I made the decision to program the workouts in our regularly scheduled classes, an initiative fully backed by CrossFit HQ. With their guidance on class plans for each event, our members had the opportunity to test their limits and see how they stacked up against the Quarterfinals challenges. I personally achieved a significant milestone during Event 4, setting a new (20 pound!) personal best Clean and Jerk. Though I gave it my all, I couldn’t quite match Dave Castro’s prowess this time (didn’t #BeatDC, LOL) – but there’s always next year!

A sincere thank you is due to Don Faul and Adrian Bozman (“Boz”) for their exceptional leadership and vision. Despite the inevitable challenges and criticisms, they have steered the CrossFit Games Season with grace and integrity, ensuring that the spirit of community remains at the forefront. Their dedication to serving both the CrossFit community and the sport’s business interests is commendable and deeply appreciated. It is thanks to their efforts that CrossFit MouseTrap has flourished, and our community has grown stronger with each passing day.

As we look back on the Quarterfinals and ahead to the future, let us continue to embrace the values of community, perseverance, and inclusivity that define CrossFit. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, defy expectations, and inspire one another to achieve greatness.

With deepest gratitude,

Katie Thompson

Owner, CrossFit MouseTrap

e: [email protected] | p: 407-230-1816

@mousetrapfitness | @ktt922

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