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Coach Spotlight Series: Head Coach Dug

CrossFit MouseTrap Coach Spotlight Dug Bush

At MouseTrap Fitness, our community is not just a gathering of fitness enthusiasts—it’s a family, guided by passionate and dedicated coaches who make the MouseTrap experience exceptional. In this edition of our Spotlight Series, we’re turning the focus to none other than our Head Coach, Dug!

First Brush with CrossFit: A Humbling Experience

Dug’s journey with CrossFit began in September 2012 right here at MouseTrap. Drawn by his participation in obstacle course races, he saw CrossFit as a fitting training ground. Little did he know how humbling that first class would be! While the specific workout details have faded into the sands of time, Dug vividly recalls the soreness that followed, especially from those ring rows. Despite the initial shock, he found himself hooked, setting the stage for a decade-long journey with the sport.

From Athlete to Coach: A Natural Progression

The transition from athlete to coach often follows a natural progression, and for Dug, the moment arrived when the gym’s owner approached him with a question that would change the course of his CrossFit journey. “Ever considered coaching?” The seed was planted, and with his Level 1 certification in hand, Dug began coaching part-time. However, the allure of coaching full-time proved too strong to resist. That pivotal decision was nearly 10 years ago, marking the start of Dug’s impactful coaching career at MouseTrap.

The Love for Coaching: A Schedule Like No Other

What keeps Dug motivated? It’s the schedule! Coaching from 6 AM to noon, Monday to Friday—a routine that’s hard to beat. This allows him to bring his best to every class, ensuring our members receive top-notch coaching during their fitness journey.

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Flight Simulator

When it comes to benchmark WODs, Dug’s heart belongs to Flight Simulator. A self-proclaimed aficionado of this challenging movement, he revels in the mastery of double unders—a skill he executes with finesse.

Words of Encouragement for Newcomers: Just Go for It!

For those considering CrossFit for the first time, Dug has a simple yet powerful message: “Go for it!” He understands the apprehensions, the perceived limitations, but reassures potential newcomers that the MouseTrap Fitness community is here to help every step of the way. No matter your starting point, CrossFit is a journey meant for everyone.

Fun Facts: Not Much to Hide!

When asked about surprises, Dug humorously claims there’s not much that would shock our MouseTrap family. However, we think his fondness for rope climbs and double unders, finding joy in witnessing others conquer these challenges, is a testament to his passion for coaching.

Movie Cast Dream: Scott Panchik Takes the Stage

If Dug’s coaching life were to hit the big screen, he envisions Scott Panchik as the perfect actor to portray him. The choice? Based on looks alone—a fitting homage to the physical prowess and dedication they both share.

In closing, we celebrate Dug—a coach, mentor, and an integral part of the MouseTrap Fitness family. Stay tuned for more spotlights on our incredible coaching team, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our community. Thank you, Coach Dug, for your unwavering commitment to helping us all become the best versions of ourselves!

Stay fit, stay motivated, and keep crushing those goals with MouseTrap Fitness!

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