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Coach Riccardo's Coaches Spotlight

Spotlight Series: Meet CF-L2 Coach Riccardo

Time for another captivating CrossFit Coach story, and this week we turn the spotlight onto CF-L2 Coach Riccardo! 🏋️‍♂️💙

When was your first ever CrossFit class, and what memory can you share about it that might resonate with the community and/or new potential members?

In 2016, Coach Riccardo took his first plunge into CrossFit. Despite a lifetime of sports experience, that class marked a revelation—he realized there was a whole new world of fitness!

💡 When or how did you decide to become a coach?

After three transformative years in the CrossFit realm, Riccardo felt an overwhelming desire to share his wealth of knowledge and passion with others. And thus, his coaching journey began!

🏋️‍♂️ What do you love most about coaching at MouseTrap Fitness?

For Coach Riccardo, the beauty lies in simplicity. The joy of spreading fitness and embracing life with every member at MouseTrap Fitness is what makes each coaching moment special.

🔥 What is your favorite benchmark WOD and why?

Fran and Karen take the crown for Coach Riccardo. There’s just something timeless and classic about them. Plus, being tall adds a unique spin to the challenge!

🤔 What advice would you give to someone considering CrossFit for the first time?

“Just do it!” — a simple yet profound piece of wisdom from Coach Riccardo. He once held reservations about CrossFit, but diving in proved those doubts wrong.

🎉 What is a fun fact that our community would be surprised to learn about you?

Before trying CrossFit, Coach Riccardo was known for expressing a few “negative” comments about it. Who would’ve thought he’d end up being one of our fantastic coaches, and a multi-time competitive CrossFitter? 😅

💪 What is your favorite movement or skill to coach and why?

Coach Riccardo finds joy in coaching those intimidating movements that bring incredible satisfaction when conquered. It’s all about conquering the fears and celebrating the victories!

🎬 If we were casting a movie of your life as a coach, which well-known CrossFitter would you want to play you in the movie and why?

Guido Trinidad stands out as Coach Riccardo’s biggest inspiration in the CrossFit world. Imagining him playing the role adds an extra layer of fun to the hypothetical movie!

🌟 Additional Insight:

Coach Riccardo lives by the principle instilled during his L1 training—always give at least two cues to every athlete. In life, he believes in leaving two “pieces” of yourself with everyone you meet and, in turn, absorbing a little something from everyone on your journey.

Thank you, Coach Riccardo, for being a part of our MouseTrap Fitness family and helping our members and drop-ins to thrive. Keep grinding, and let’s continue to do amazing things for ourselves and for this strong, fitness-minded CrossFit community! Drop some comments below to show Riccardo your love.  🤩 💪

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