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Meet CrossFit Coach Ally

Spotlight Series: Meet Running, Move & CrossFit Coach Ally

Unveiling the Vibrance of Coach Ally!

Welcome back to our Coach Spotlight Series at MouseTrap Fitness, where each coach is a thread weaving the rich tapestry of our fitness family. This week, we’re thrilled to turn the spotlight on the incredible Coach Ally, who leads our Running and Move Classes and steps in with energy and expertise for CrossFit sessions. What’s even more exciting is today is Ally’s CrossFit Anniversary!!  Check out her story below.

First CrossFit Class: A Triumph of Community and Perseverance

Coach Ally’s CrossFit journey began on February 7, 2018, a date etched in her fitness history. The workout featured sit-ups, lunges, and lateral plate hops, and it pushed her to the limit. Feeling the challenge, she recalls the camaraderie that got her through. The MouseTrap community embraced her, members encouraged her, and the coaches guided her. What started as a physically demanding experience turned into a testament to the supportive culture that defines MouseTrap Fitness.

When Did the Coaching Bug Bite? A Pandemic Epiphany

Coach Ally’s transition from passionate member to dedicated fitness coach was unexpected yet serendipitous. Laid off during the pandemic, Ally realized her newfound passion for health and nutrition. A Health Coach certification course fueled her expertise, and MouseTrap Fitness became the canvas for her coaching journey. Asked by Allen to join the coaching team, Ally found her calling in guiding others toward healthier living.

The Love for Coaching: Witnessing Triumphs, Big and Small

For Coach Ally, the magic of coaching lies in witnessing people exceed their own expectations. Whether it’s lifting heavier, running farther, or achieving personal milestones, the joy of guiding others to realize their potential fuels her commitment. The MouseTrap Fitness community, with its diverse aspirations and achievements, is her coaching haven.

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Murph, a Community-Driven Triumph

Murph holds a special place in Coach Ally’s heart. Beyond being a challenging benchmark workout, it exemplifies the essence of community at MouseTrap Fitness. Completing Murph is not just a physical achievement but a shared experience that unites members in their fitness journey.

Advice to Newcomers: Embrace the Challenge

For those contemplating CrossFit, Coach Ally’s advice echoes simplicity: Don’t be intimidated. MouseTrap Fitness is a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or limitations. Try a free class, experience the community firsthand, and discover the transformative power of CrossFit.

Fun Fact: The Color Guard Maestro

Surprising our CrossFit community, Coach Ally shares her colorful past as a marching band color guard captain for eight years. Her experience leading the color guard offers insight into her leadership and coordination skills, now translated into the world of fitness coaching.

Favorite Movement to Coach: The Simplicity of Squats

Coach Ally’s coaching passion revolves around any type of squat. Beyond its apparent simplicity, the movement demands precision and form, making it an essential skill with real-world applications.

Movie Cast Dream: Channeling Arielle Loewen’s Drive

In the hypothetical movie of Coach Ally’s fitness coaching life, she envisions Arielle Loewen portraying her character. Inspired by Arielle’s drive, excitement, and down-to-earth demeanor, Ally sees a kindred spirit in the CrossFit world.

In Closing: Celebrating Coach Ally’s Vibrancy

Coach Ally, with her vibrant coaching style and commitment to community, adds a unique hue to the MouseTrap Fitness canvas (plus, she really likes to wear brightly colored clothes to workout and coach!). Stay tuned for more spotlights, each revealing the diverse stories and passions of our exceptional coaching team.

Thank you, Coach Ally, for contributing to the magic of MouseTrap Fitness and empowering our community to reach new heights. Keep thriving, stay motivated, and let’s continue crushing those fitness goals together! Drop some comments below to show Ally your love.  🏋️‍♀️🎉

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