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CrossFit MouseTrap is Community and Coaching

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take the survey that we sent out.  We really do want to hear from you and how we can make your time at MouseTrap Fitness the best part of your day.

When you create a survey with open ended questions, there is no telling what you will get.  But we love this format of survey.  A survey with open-ended questions gives people who respond the opportunity to speak their truth and doesn’t limit you to filling in a bubble.  The great news is that even given the option to speak freely, the CrossFit MouseTrap Community centered around some core themes that we can take action on.  Here are the results.

Why did you join the Crossfit Mousetrap Community?

Why did you join in the first place?  The number one response, at 31% of responses, was because of the recommendation of an existing member of the community.  A great example was that ‘my spouse was a member of the community.’  Or another example of a response was ‘that my friend talked about the gym so much.’ 

Katie and I have been part of a couple of different CrossFit communities while we have lived in Florida.  Some gyms are more competition focused.  Some CrossFit communities have a large number of younger members.  Some CrossFit communities have a large number of older members.  But what really makes CrossFit MouseTrap unique, is its mix of all of those things!  One of the things that Katie and I love about Orlando in general is its diversity of people and thoughts throughout the city.  And we see that diversity across the CrossFit MouseTrap community.  Our classes are full of competitive athletes, older athletes (like myself), younger athletes, athletes of different backgrounds, and athletes with different goals.  And just like Orlando is better for its diversity, so is the MouseTrap Fitness community.

Why do you stay at Crossfit Mousetrap?

Over half the community, 54%, said that it’s the community that matters most! Everyone has plenty of options to workout and get their exercise done.  The overwhelming reason that you all keep coming back for more MouseTrap Fitness is because of the community.  Your friendships.  The camaraderie.  The shared suffering through Coach Doug’s workouts!  It’s not just the exercises, or the location, or the logo.  It’s the people that make CrossFit MouseTrap truly special.  

Katie loves working out with people.  I definitely workout harder in a group setting then I ever would on my own.  The community at CrossFit MouseTrap has been amazing to both of us as we begin this new journey.  

It would be criminal not to mention the second reason why the community says it continues to put in work at MouseTrap Fitness:  coaching.  The survey results clearly show that the community loves the coaching and programming that is happening at CrossFit MouseTrap.  Coach Doug briefly explained the history behind the changes and challenges of the fitness program.  After enjoying the workouts and dropping in to classes in the morning and the afternoon, we are comfortable saying the fitness programing will not be changing.

What is the one thing you would change about Crossfit Mousetrap?

  1. Remodel the gym
  2. More equipment
  3. Nutrition program
  4. Grow the community
  5. More Space
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. More Merch
  8. Cleaner

Sometimes, when you ask a question, the universe shouts an answer back at you.  In this case, the CrossFit MouseTrap community has let us know the changes we need to make to help make the MouseTrap experience that much better.  Nearly 65% of survey respondents say we need to update/remodel the gym.  Katie and I hear you loud and clear.  And we are working on some very exciting updates.  More to come as we can roll these things out in phases. And, keep an eye out for some teaser content to highlight some of these updates on our social channels (*shameless plug to get you to follow us*)! Again, it’s our goal to make your time at CrossFit MouseTrap the best part of your day.  

That’s it.  

That’s the goal. 

And we are going to work our asses off to reach those goals.  

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