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Focus: Master The Movement Plan – 2022 CrossFit Open

We are already looking forward to the 2022 CrossFit Open and how we are going to bring some focus in our programming goals with our Master The Movement plan!

Some of us are super psyched each year to test ourselves in the CrossFit Open and want to master the many required skills.  We also realize that some of us are just here to sweat, be healthy and have a good time with friends and do not care about performance in the CrossFit Open.

Our annual programming plan is designed to allow us to work toward both of those goals at the same time–bringing some increased emphasis at particular times on particular movements to get us more quickly toward skill mastery of the most commonly seen movements in the CrossFit Open, while also ensuring that whatever we are doing in our programming each week is still safe, effective and fun for everyone here that just wants to sweat, be healthy and have a good time.  Fortunately, these two goals are not mutually exclusive of each other and can be addressed simultaneously in our infinitely modifiable and scalable workouts!

This brings me to our MASTER THE MOVEMENT PLAN!

A high level summary of our next 5 months to improve skill and capacity across the movements seen most frequently in the CrossFit Open.


September – T2B, Rowing, Squat Clean

October – Double Unders, C2B Pull Ups, Snatch

November – Wall Ball, Deadlift, Handstand (wall walk, HS push up, HS walk)

December – Muscle Up, Thruster, Box Jump

January – Burpee, DB snatch, Shoulder-To-Overhead (press, push press, jerks)

Within each month, one of the FOCUS movements has a greater gymnastic/skill emphasis, one a greater strength/weightlifting emphasis and one a greater conditioning/engine building emphasis–of course, this is CrossFit and there is often some overlap between skill, strength and conditioning across the movements.

This plan does not mean that we will not continue to see our tremendous variety of other movements during each of these months, but it does mean that there will be slightly increased emphasis on the 3 FOCUS movements for that particular month to help us master and build additional capacity in those particular movements due to increased frequency of exposure to those particular FOCUS movements during that period of time.

We’re really excited for honing our skills and capacity with you in the months to come at the box!

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As always shoot me a message with any questions that you have about this or anything at all!

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