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Head to Toe Mobility Assessment / Routine

This is a little head to toe mobility assessment that I’ll go through 1-3x per day which allows me to get in tune with how every joint throughout my body is feeling and guides me to where I should devote some extra time for mobility in order to restore full range of motion to any stiff or achy joints. I simply start from the top and go through the natural range of motion for every single joint as I work my way from head to toe- flexion, extension, rotations, some balancing. I’m gentle with this and move in ways that feel good. If I find an area that I did not realize was sore or lacking range of motion then I spend a bit more time there. My mind and body feels super energized and reset after this. Give it a try and don’t be afraid to explore unique positions that might be more beneficial for you than they are for others!

Head To Toe Mobility Assessment / Routine

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