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SQUATOBER IS HERE – you ready?!


Starting this October 4th, we’re going to participate in the “World’s Largest Knee Bend Party”, Squatober, with some bonus squat work programmed each weekday in October for 4 weeks (this is separate from our 3 focus movements in class for October–Double Unders, C2B Pull Ups, and Snatch from our 5 month “Master the Movement” plan).

Squatober Calendar
Squatober Calendar

What is Squatober?

“What is Squatober? It’s the brain child of Aaron Ausmus, the head strength and conditioning coach for the University of Southern California’s football team, and Bert Sorinex, president and co-owner of exercise equipment company Sorinex.

“We really wanted to just find a way to bring attention to this really great, but under-appreciated lift,” Bert told Muscle & Fitness.” (from article HERE by Anthony O’Reilly)

At our gym, the squat work for each day of Squatober will be programmed as a part of our skill/strength work during class if the regular CrossFit programming focus for that particular day was already designed to be a squat emphasis day. However, if it’s not already a squat oriented day then the squat work will be designed to be done in the 15 minutes before or after class (on weekdays).

How will it work?

Squatting everyday is not for everyone (which is why it will be “bonus” work on many days outside of class), but when it is done intelligently, checking your ego, and listening to your body, it is a great opportunity to rapidly increase your skill and strength in this incredibly important lift, while honing your discipline and mental toughness, which will have carryover benefits to many other things that we do inside and outside of the gym.

Nutrition and recovery will be KEY! You will need to ensure that you’re getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night, staying very well hydrated, eating a caloric surplus, moderating alcohol consumption and doing plenty of soft tissue work to support the muscle growth and recovery that has to occur on this high frequency squat program. Squats are an incredible way to build major muscle and lose serious body fat–weights > cardio!

I’m excited to go on this Squatober journey with you and have a halloween PR party at the end of October! Be sure to tag your daily Squatober social media posts with @mousetrapfitness @penandpaperstrengthapp @sorinex_squatober #squatober #mousetrapfitness

Questions are always encouraged! Shoot me an email to [email protected] with any questions!

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