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Try something new. Just MOVE to lose weight!

Diet and exercise can suck sometimes. You get lied to over and over and over again about how you’re supposed to lose weight. You try this. You try that. You do this diet and that diet. It doesn’t work. You get frustrated. You lose weight. You gain it back. All of it. All of it is just so stupid.

And then one day it clicks.  For me, it clicked when I got started on our 6 week fat loss challenge.

I needed something to get me moving in the right direction with my health and fitness.  I was already taking CrossFit classes in Orlando, but I needed to deal with the nutrition, too.

My husband and I own MouseTrap Fitness, home of CrossFit Mousetrap and we decided it was time for a fat loss challenge at our box.  We started a 6-week fat loss challenge because we wanted to jump-start our own fat loss journey and because we thought our members would really like it.  We are, after all, surrounded by restaurants that serve great food. We are located near Disney World and the Orange County Convention Center, which just means there are that many more food choices.  But eating out way too much doesn’t help you reach fitness goals.

I had a fantastic time doing our 6-week fat loss challenge. Coach Sam taught us about Macros and the importance of understanding your food urges.  Group texts helped us stay accountable to our goals.  It was a great experience with great results.  Our community loved our first fat loss challenge so much that we are doing another 6-week program that we are calling MOVE.  

First, let me tell you about the results of our most recent fat loss challenge.

The winners of the fat loss challenge had the following results:

Body fat percentage winner: Gretchen lost nearly 6% body fat!

Body weight winner:  Lovissa lost nearly 9 lbs!!!

I didn’t even win our challenge but saw some great results too. I lost 5.6 lbs and lost 2.1% of body fat. What’s even better than the numbers, though, is how I feel AND how many people have started commenting on noticing the changes in my body – I’m really starting to lean out again!

It turns out that counting macros and working out help you lose body fat and build muscle.  We focused more on eating healthy, rather than depriving ourselves of the things we love.  We ate in smaller portions, but more frequently.  I have never eaten this much protein in my life, but the results were great. Coach Sam kicked off the fat loss challenge with a personal evaluation that included an in-depth questionnaire about your food habits, an In-Body Scan to gather your weight and body fat data, and a calculation of the number of macronutrients each person would eat during the day over the course of the challenge.  

And now, what is MOVE?

It’s a lot of fun when we do it together!!!

Boot Camp style classes that give you the perfect blend of strength and cardio, without a barbell.  It will be 6 weeks long and will include the following nutrition support:

* 3 classes per week (Tues/Thurs nights at 6:30 pm and Sat mornings at 8:30 am)

* Individual Macros Programming

* Nutrition Coaching

* 3 InBody Scans

* Great people to have fun with while you get your sweat on!!

For $200, you get a package of 18 classes and all of the nutrition support you can handle.

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