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CrossFit Coach Spotlight

Spotlight Series: Meet Nutrition & CrossFit Coach Sam

Celebrating Coach Sam Ayala: Nutritional Guru at MouseTrap Fitness

At MouseTrap Fitness, our coaches aren’t just instructors; they’re mentors, motivators, and champions of our community’s journey towards wellness. Today, we shine the spotlight on Coach Sam Ayala, a beacon of positivity and dedication, not only as a CrossFit coach but also as our in-house Nutrition Coach.

A Journey Ignited:

Sam’s journey with CrossFit began in January 2016, stepping into MouseTrap for his very first class. The clanging of barbells and the vibrant energy of the gym struck him, a mix of intimidation and excitement swirling within. Little did he know, this step would mark the beginning of a transformative odyssey.

From Athlete to Coach:

His path to coaching wasn’t immediate. It was a series of pivotal conversations that shaped his trajectory. One chat with Coach Michelle opened his eyes to sustainable weight loss through nutrition, dispelling myths and empowering him with knowledge. Then, in the spring of 2018, Coach Doug planted the seed of coaching in Sam’s mind, igniting a passion that would change his life.

The Heartbeat of MouseTrap:

What keeps Sam’s fire burning at MouseTrap? It’s the community – a tight-knit family bonded by shared struggles and triumphs. From navigating the challenges of living in the theme park capital of the world to celebrating victories both inside and outside the gym, MouseTrap is more than just a fitness center; it’s a home where members uplift and inspire one another.

Favorite WOD: 17.1

Among the myriad of benchmark WODs, 17.1 holds a special place in Sam’s heart. It’s not just about completing it RX; it’s about the journey of progress and self-discovery, proving that hard work pays off and that limitations are meant to be shattered.

Advice from the Heart:

To those considering CrossFit for the first time, Sam offers sage advice: Trust the process, focus on yourself, and embrace the fundamentals. It’s not about comparison or perfection; it’s about growth and perseverance.

Fun Fact:

Behind the strength and expertise lies a surprising quirk – Sam doesn’t separate his laundry. It’s all done in one load, a testament to his efficiency and pragmatism.

Coaching Passion: Dumbbell Snatch

As a coach, Sam’s favorite movement to teach is the dumbbell snatch. It’s a skill that, when mastered, unlocks hidden potential, showcasing the beauty of proper form and technique.

Silver Screen Inspiration: Rich Froning

In the hypothetical movie of his coaching journey, Sam sees Rich Froning playing his role, not just for the physical resemblance but for the shared dedication to excellence and the ability to inspire greatness in others.

Embracing Transformation:

Sam’s story is one of transformation – from a nervous newcomer to a powerhouse of positivity and passion. His journey embodies the ethos of MouseTrap Fitness, where every triumph, big or small, is celebrated, and every obstacle is conquered together.

Coach Sam Ayala isn’t just a coach; he’s a catalyst for change, a guiding light in our quest for health and happiness. His dedication to both CrossFit and nutrition exemplifies the holistic approach we champion at MouseTrap Fitness. Join us in celebrating Sam’s journey and let his story inspire you to embark on your own path of transformation. Together, we’ll reach new heights, fueled by the unwavering spirit of community and camaraderie.

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