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A Former Coach Returns to CrossFit MouseTrap

Every Athlete needs a coach.  

That’s why the coaches at CrossFit MouseTrap are so great.  They coach me up as the athlete I am that day, not the athlete I was yesterday or the athlete I may be tomorrow.  I’ve been back working out consistently for a while and have seen some progress on my journey to the best, fittest, healthiest version of myself.  The movements that had given me a lot of trouble at the beginning are now giving me a little less trouble.  I’m less worried about finishing my workouts, and more focused on how fast I’ll get them done.  I quit worrying about whether or not I can lift the weight, and spend way more time thinking about how much I’m going to lift this time.

Next up: nutrition. Yep. I know. I put on weight. Trust me I know. I have piles of clothes in my closet that don’t fit anymore, but I keep them around because I have every intention of wearing them again.  But my current reality is that I need a little help. I know I should choose an apple over a slice of pizza. I know eating nutrition-packed salads is better than eating Chinese food (Allen’s favorite go-to meal every Friday night). But the reality is that what we should be doing and what we are actually doing are two different things.  

MouseTrap Fitness is a CrossFit gym near Disney and near the Convention Center after all.  We are surrounded by really good restaurants. A lot of really good restaurants!  Eating out and eating unhealthy has unfortunately become part of our nutrition routine.  Sunday Fundays, Saturday night out, and fast-food to celebrate the latest occasion add up to a pile of clothes that simply don’t fit anymore.

Allen and I are losing the nutrition battle and in order to meet our health, wellness, and fitness goals, we’re going to need some help. So rather than wallow in my sorrows, we are going to do something about it. We are calling in the coach that can help supplement our workouts with sound, effective, inspirational, and motivational nutrition advice.   

“Don’t call it a come back.  I’ve been here for years.’’  

  • LL Cool J

We are excited to announce that Coach Sam Ayala is rejoining the CrossFit MouseTrap coaching ranks. He will be leading our upcoming 6-Week Fat Loss Challenge here at MouseTrap Fitness.  

Some things were really clear when we joined the CrossFit MouseTrap community:  

  1. The community is awesome.
  2. The coaching is awesome.
  3. We miss Sam as a coach.

And although our classes aren’t yet full enough to bring Coach Sam on as a CrossFit coach, we are thrilled to get a daily dose of Coach Sam motivating us to reach our goals every day in the kitchen!  

I am most excited about the knowledge, skills, and PASSION Coach Sam brings to nutrition coaching. I have heard first testimonials from current members about amazing transformations.  (Thank you, Rajesh!!).  I have heard Coach Sam’s personal testimony about his weight loss success and his ability to make nutrition part of his regular, everyday life.  There are three things that I’m looking forward to in working with Coach Sam and in joining the Fat Loss Challenge.  

  1. Coach Sam’s enthusiasm.  You can’t be anything but excited to work with Sam and meet your goals. If I’m honest, I’m already worried because I don’t want to disappoint him! He’s going to give me that extra incentive to make better food choices.
  2. A personalized program.  Rajesh shared with us that he was Coach Sam’s very first vegetarian client. Coach Sam wasn’t scared of the challenge, instead he was pumped because he got to figure out how to help Rajesh hit his goals while observing those dietary restrictions. Coach Sam created a customized plan just for him! We aren’t cookie-cutter people, so we need more than cookie-cutter nutrition planning.
  3. The more knowledge you have, the simpler you make things for others.  I know that Coach Sam knows his stuff because he makes things really easy for us to understand. I know the best coaching I get is made up of simple, repeatable tasks that I can do over and over again. If I wanted to spend all day looking up hard to spell words in order to lose weight, I would just go to a doctor. I’m not interested in that at all.

Bottom Line again.

Fat Loss Challenge powered by Coach Sam

MouseTrap Fitness is a CrossFit gym near Disney, the Convention Center, and more restaurants than I can count. It can feel like the whole world is conspiring against us to become the fittest and healthiest versions of ourselves. I need a nutrition coach and maybe you do too. It’ll be a fun challenge! I hope you’ll consider joining the fun as Allen and I work to fit into those clothes again.

If you are interested in joining the CrossFit MouseTrap 6-Week Fat Loss Challenge, click here! 

Price:  $100.00

Challenge Description

ALL BODY TYPES ARE WELCOME! This Challenge is aimed at helping you achieve results. The competition is just to have a little fun, and push us to stay a little more accountable, especially if we are truly serious about making a lifestyle change. 

Participants will be competing to see who can lose the highest percentage of body fat based on InBody Scan results over the 6-week timeframe of the challenge.

Coach Sam will be hosting two info-seminars about macros to help provide some context to nutrition coaching. Join us either on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 9:30AM or Monday, May 2, 2022 at 6:30PM at CrossFit Mousetrap. Participants can sign up on the spot for the Fat Loss Challenge, or online. Link and challenge details will be available in the Trapstars Facebook Group, as well as in the Wodify Announcement section of the app.  Attendance at either of the info-seminars is not required to participate in the Challenge.

Participants must be registered and then coordinate with Coach Sam to confirm the initial goal setting session. Any of our coaches may also assist with your initial InBody Scan. Please plan around regular class times so as not to disrupt classes.

Kick-off and competition officially begins on Sunday, May 8, 2022. All starting numbers must be submitted by Saturday, May 7, 2022 to Coach Sam to be eligible. Challenge will finish on Saturday, June 18, 2022. All final numbers must be submitted to Coach Sam no later than Saturday, June 18, 2022 to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

What’s Included:

  • (3) InBody Scans to track progress from beginning, to middle, and to the end of the challenge
  • Unlimited number of classes during the course of the contest!
  • Personalized goal setting appointment with Coach Sam
  • Weekly check-ins from Coach Sam, daily (if required)
  • Mini-seminars on nutrition related topics (i.e. what are macros?)
  • Help building and implementing good nutritional habits to improve your health and wellness.
  • Nutritional resources/handouts to assist you in achieving their goals.
  • Motivation, guidance, support, and encouragement.
  • MouseTrap Fitness T-shirt (new design)

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The participant who records the highest percentage loss of body fat percentage overall will earn a (1) month unlimited membership free of charge that can be used for themselves or shared with a friend!

If you are interested in joining the CrossFit MouseTrap 6-Week Fat Loss Challenge, click here! 

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