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Coach Spotlight Series: Meet CrossFit Coach Stacy

CrossFit Coach Spotlight: Stacy Maguire

At MouseTrap Fitness, our coaching team is the heartbeat of our vibrant community, and in this edition of our Spotlight Series, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the amazing Coach Stacy!

First CrossFit Class: A Journey of Community and Chaos

Stacy’s journey with CrossFit began over 20 years into her healthcare career. Feeling a bit bored with her home gym routine, she dropped into a free CrossFit class on her daughter’s suggestion—and that was the beginning of a transformative experience. The chaos of barbells and bodies was initially intimidating, but the welcoming community made her feel right at home. Stacy reflects on that day, where every member went out of their way to introduce themselves, embracing her into the space that would soon become her fitness family.

From Healthcare to Coaching: A Natural Progression

Already deeply rooted in healthcare, Stacy saw coaching as an extension of her commitment to well-being. Within her first month as a CrossFit member, she delved into studying the CrossFit Level 1 manual daily, preparing for the right opportunity. When MouseTrap Fitness entered her life during family vacations, Stacy never imagined it would become her coaching haven. Grateful to be part of this incredible crew, she cherishes the supportive community and the opportunity to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts from all over.

The Love for Coaching: A Disney-Inspired Vibe

As part of a Disney-crazy family, MouseTrap Fitness felt like home long before Stacy became a coach. The unique vibe of the gym drew her in, and now she gets to hang out with the coolest members and welcome drop-ins from all corners. Coaching, for Stacy, is a form of healthcare—an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others.

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Embracing the Challenge

Stacy doesn’t have a single favorite benchmark WOD—she thrives on the challenge each one presents, even if she playfully complains about them all equally. Her love for the variety of movements showcases her dedication to embracing every aspect of fitness.

Advice to Someone New to CrossFit: Just Dive In!

For those considering CrossFit for the first time, Stacy’s advice is simple yet powerful: Just do it! Walk through that door, and you’ll be greeted by the most welcoming and supportive community. Stacy herself started CrossFit at age 47, gifting herself an experience that turned out to be the best birthday present ever.

Fun Fact: A Disney-Inspired Sleeve!

As a fun surprise, Stacy’s entire sleeve is Disney-themed! Don’t hesitate to ask her about the stories behind her magical ink.

Favorite Movement to Coach: Overhead Squats

Stacy’s coaching passion lies in overhead squats—she loves the technical challenge and the whole-body integration they demand. Expect her expertise to shine when coaching this dynamic movement!

Movie Cast Dream: Channeling Kristi Eramo

If Stacy’s coaching life were to hit the big screen, she envisions Kristi Eramo as the perfect athlete to portray her. Inspired by Kristi’s efficiency in rowing and double-unders, Stacy sees a fitting resemblance in their dedication to mastering these skills.

In closing, we celebrate Coach Stacy—a healthcare enthusiast turned dedicated coach, contributing to the magic of MouseTrap Fitness. Stay tuned for more spotlights on our extraordinary coaching team, each adding a unique vibe to our fitness family. Thank you, Coach Stacy, for your commitment to helping us all thrive and find joy in the journey!

Stay fit, stay motivated, and keep crushing those goals with MouseTrap Fitness!

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